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You'll receive an insurance proposal that requires NO physical exam, NO waiting periods and NO weight restrictions like so many others.

The goal is to provide the finest benefits at the lowest possible price. So, a field underwriter, will contact you in the next few days.
We have found a remarkable non-profit that acts as a third-party advocate on behalf of the family when a death occurs. Cost savings of 15% to 40% are often seen, and it makes thing easier for the family.
Provides a 24-hour toll-free service number to call in time of need.
Compares funeral homes for the best price. Your family will love this!
Saves the family an average of 30% on
traditional funerals or cremation. You
can buy less insurance.
Helps ensure the family is able to respect
the final wishes of the deceased, providing
dignity and honor.
Allows those left behind to cope with their grief without worrying about money. The family can deal with the spiritual concerns of their loss without worrying over the "business" aspects of "paying for a funeral".
Our program has been carefully selected to be certain it can provide these benefits:
Protection up to $20,000 is available
Ages 0-85 eligible to apply
No physical exam required just a few health questions on the application
Most medical conditions are accepted
Builds cash value on the policy
Payments to fit most budgets
Rates can never be increased as long as premiums are paid
Claims are paid quickly
Peace of Mind
"That's what it's all about."
To find out more, simply fill out the no-obligation form.
The main requirement is that we see you. We have found that a short personal interview helps us to keep premium prices low. To protect your privacy, we do not ask for a lot of personal information on the phone.
There is no extra charge for this non-profit service. This unique organization:
You can meet and preplan your funeral and
other final expenses so your children do not
have to bear that burden. The money
will be there to pay for final expenses like
funeral costs, medical expenses and
outstanding debt. Your beneficiary can
use the money any way they wish.
You lock in your premium rate based on
your age, health, and the amount of coverage
you select.
Your Free Gift
Everyone who visits with us will receive the booklet
My Final Wishes
Memorial Guide for My Loved Ones.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why can't you just send me a price list in the mail?
   We have found that the short personal visit often helps us get lower rates for our clients. This is important
because so many of our policyholders are senior citizens living on a fixed income, sometimes as little as $800 or $900 per month. We feel a strong obligation to
help our clients get the peace of mind they want for the lowest possible price. Also, the personal interview makes it easier for the applicant to ask all the questions
they wish. We strive to provide "Service with Vision and Courage", and a short personal visit seems to work best for our clients.
I don't have any money to write a check right now. Can I give you a postdated check for the first premium?
  That won't be necessary at all. We understand
what it means to be on a tight budget. Most of our policyholders like to set up an automatic bank account withdrawal for their premium payments. You can take care
of the paperwork when you visit with the field underwriter and schedule your first premium payment for a convenient time up to 45 days later.
I live on a fixed income. Will my premiums ever increase?
  No. Your premium is based on your age and your answers to a few health questions. Your premiums
cannot be increased as long as your policy remains in force.
Will my benefits go down as I get older?
  No. We cannot decrease your benefits due to age or a change in your health.
Can you cancel my policy after it is issued?
  As long as your premiums are paid, your policy cannot be cancelled due to age or health.
I have some serious health issues. Can I still get a policy?
  Most people get coverage, even with health issues. You will need to discuss this with the field
underwriter during the personal interview.
Will Social Security pay for my funeral?
  The Federal Government only pays a maximum of just $255 towards funeral expenses. The average burial is over $8,000.*
*Source: Funerals: A Consumer's Guide, FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION
  Generally speaking, for a non service-connected death the Veterans Administration will pay a $300
I am a veteran. Won't the government pay for my funeral?
burial allowance and $747 for a plot. These amounts change from time to time, so you should consult with the Veterans Administration for exact benefit amounts.
Everyone dislikes thinking about death, let
alone planning for it. Even with other family members, discussing one's mortality is a very difficult subject.
Nevertheless, pre-planning does relieve your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief.
Our program combines all the best features of
pre-need planning, pre-paid funeral, and life insurance to pay the final expenses.
It only takes a few minutes and it's done! You and your family will have the peace of mind you desire.
Pre-Need Planning
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Will my new policy have a cash value?
  Yes. The cash value will grow and accumulate over the time the premiums are paid.
If my funeral policy is more than my funeral expenses, what happens to the difference?
  All benefit money not needed for your final expenses will be paid
to your beneficiary within 24 hours of approval.
Pre-need planning is an act of love.
Can my family select the funeral home?
Yes. You can designate which one to use. Or your family can select any funeral home in the United States.
How much does it cost?
Our lowest allowable premium is $15 monthly. However, most participants want more coverage. You decide what rate is most
comfortable to you. You may pay monthly or six months or a year at a time if you wish. It is totally your decision.
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